Some pictures of a birding trip to El Chorro, the farmlands and the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra (Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia, Southern Spain)

I was eager to see the countryside after the first rains in months!

Have a look to some more pictures below!

I reached the base of a cliff at El Chorro where I wanted to check for Eagle Owls before dawn. No owls around but the horrible cry of an animal in the trees pretty close to me that made me quickly go to have my torch ready just in case! I prefer not to know what it was after the last X Files episodes! No owls eventually in the area and the creature went away but the Blue Rock Thrushes began to sing with the very first lights of the day.

I then moved on to check the Bonelli’s Eagles. They are not very early birds but I could find one of them perched on a rock in the cliff quietly looking around. One and a half hours later, it flew towards some bushes hanging in the cliff where the other eagle was hiding. So, once I checked everything was all right, I went on to the farmlands.

The track was a bit muddy and I almost get stuck with the car. Unfortunately, the Laguna Dulce did not take any water but the small Laguna de Lobon was flooded. There was a bird on top of the dead tree in the farmhouse. It was not a Kestrel so I put the scope on it. It was a beautiful young Peregrine Falcon that soon flew after some Green Sandpipers in the lake. He failed his first attack and tried to flush the other wader into the air, but I am afraid our friend is not respected enough around here yet...

I could not believe there was plenty of water in the Fuente de Piedra Lake! It has been a relief for the Flamingos, specially the juvenile ones, the Black-winged Stilts and a few Avocets. For some reason, the Laguneto and the ponds by the car park and the wooden bridge are still very dry.

This will be heaven again with a bit more rain!

You can also live these experiences with us !!!

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