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The inland surroundings of the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Andalucia, Spain) host wonderful places for the enjoyment of nature and birds.

Rivers, lakes, Mediterranean forests and mountains show a great variety of species all over the year. Many others can be seen during their spring and autumn migration.

Our mild weather makes going out to the country side a pleasant experience at any time of year. Our people's hopitality and high quality accommodation will make you feel so comfortable at the end of the tours.

Enjoy your birding holidays with us!

BIRDAYTRIP is registered in the Andalusian Registry of Tourism with numbers AT/MA/00164, OCC/MA/00002 and EC/MA/00002 as an Environmental Tourism company for the organization of Guided Birdwatching Trips.


Our friends´ comments:

"If you want a special ops ornithologist, Luis Alberto Rodríguez is your man... Luis is a man on a mission to bring the masses to Málaga's mountains..."
Sarah Barrell, National Geographic Traveller (click here to read the article)

"Málaga's very own Urban Birder"
David Lindo (The Urban Birder), Bird Watching Magazine

"It was a special trip and I'll always remember it."
Ed Fitzgerald

"...once again, you suceeded to owe us. Hope our paths will cross again sometime."
Els & Willem Vreeken

"We hired a guide, but we got a birding friend!"
Hans Kunstman

"When people ask us about highlights of our trip, we tell them all about birding with you."
Karen & William Gurstelle

"Thank you very much for such a good day of birdwatching! Thanks to you we enjoyed excellent views of many attractive species, including some we had not seen for a long time..."
Edward & Mandy Mayer

"Many thanks for looking after us today. All four of us felt that today was the highlight of our holiday here."
David Boydell

"The highlights are too many to mention but seeing so many firsts meant that our expectations of the day were exceeded."
Trish & John Porter

"These birding trips have transformed my very good stay in Malaga to amazing because I have seen so many beautiful wild places and because they are inspiring me to start bird watching again."
Elaine Wallace

"You are a wonderful leader... very knowledgeable, skilled, and charming as well!!"
Kathy Bissett

"...thanks for a fantastic day with you and the birds... We will be happy to recommend you as a guide for our friends when they go to Spain."
Lena Bergquist & Orvar Homann

"Thank you so much for the great day of birding... I will gladly pass your name on to any birders traveling to Spain."
Kenna Sue Trickey

"It was great experience for us and we appreciated your knowledge and explanations."
John Vanweerd

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