Birding Ecosse April 2018 Tour – Part 3: Osuna

We succeeded in our search for the most emblematic birds of the Sevillian farmlands...

Have a look at some more pictures and the complete list of birds observed below!

I did not take long to spot Little Bustards and Stone Curlews. Soon after that, Montagu’s Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, lots of Red-legged Partridges, Iberian Grey Shrike and Crested, Calandra and Short-toed Larks.

It took a bit longer to find some Great Bustards in quite a long distance, as well as Collared Pratincoles, Rollers, Turtle Doves and a gorgeous Whinchat that very kindly posed for us for a long time.

You can also live these experiences with us !!!

Complete list of birds observed:

1 Avocet  Recurvirostra avosetta
2 Azure-winged Magpie Cyanopica cooki
3 Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
4 Bee-eater  Merops apiaster
5 Black Kite Milvus migrans
6 Blackbird Turdus merula
7 Black-headed Gull  Chroicocephalus ridibundus
8 Black-winged Stilt  Himantopus himantopus
9 Calandra Lark  Melanocorypha calandra
10 Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis
11 Collared Pratincole  Glareola pratincola
12 Common Buzzard  Buteo buteo
13 Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos
14 Coot  Fulica atra
15 Corn Bunting Emberiza calandra
16 Crested Lark  Galerida cristata
17 Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea
18 Flamingo  Phoenicopterus roseus
19 Gadwall Anas strepera
20 Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus
21 Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis
22 Great Bustard Otis tarda
23 Greenfinch Chloris chloris
24 Greenshank Tringa nebularia
25 Gull-billed Tern  Gelochelidon nilotica
26 Hoopoe  Upupa epops
27 House Sparrow Passer domesticus
28 Iberian Grey Shrike  Lanius meridionalis
29 Kestrel  Falco tinnunculus
30 Lapwing  Vanellus vanellus
31 Lesser Kestrel  Falco naumanni
32 Linnet Carduelis cannabina
33 Little Bustard  Tetrax tetrax
34 Little Egret Egretta garzetta
35 Little Ringed Plover  Charadrius dubius
36 Mallard  Anas platyrhynchos
37 Montagu’s Harrier  Circus pygargus
38 Pallid Swift Apus pallidus
39 Raven  Corvus corax
40 Red-crested Pochard  Netta rufina
41 Red-legged Partridge  Alectoris rufa
42 Redshank Tringa totanus
43 Roller Coracias garrulus
44 Ruff  Philomachus pugnax
45 Sardinian Warbler Sylvia melanocephala
46 Serin  Serinus serinus
47 Shelduck  Tadorna tadorna
48 Short-toed Lark  Calandrella brachydactyla
49 Shoveler  Anas clypeata
50 Spanish Sparrow Passer hispaniolensis
51 Spotless Starling Sturnus unicolor
52 Stone Curlew  Burhinus oedicnemus
53 Stonechat Saxicola torquatus
54 Swift Apus apus
55 Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur
56 Whinchat Saxicola rubetra
57 White Stork Ciconia ciconia
58 Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola
59 Woodchat Shrike  Lanius senator
60 Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis
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