Birdwatching Malaga: a mild weather at any time of year (II)

On average, it only rains 60 days a year on the Costa del Sol and those days mostly take place in November, December and March… 300 days to go out birdwatching in Malaga province!

Photo: Luis Alberto Rodríguez (Birdaytrip) with clients at Las Buitreras Viewpoint (El Chorro)


The average temperature on the coast ranges between 17 and 19oC (13.6oC in winter, 19.4oC in spring, 24.7oC in summer and 16.2oC in autumn). Nevertheless, as we go away from the sea, the weather becomes much more continental, with more extreme minimum temperatures in winter (up to 60 days a year with temperatures below 0oC) and maximum ones in summer, when reaching 40oC at midday is very common. This means you must bring some warm clothes in winter and do what we call “early morning” birdwatching trips in mid-summer.

Cigüeña negra

So, bring your raincoat if you come in November, December and March (be cautious in April too!), warm clothes from November to April and your swimming costumes from May to even October. Do not forget the sunscreen!

Please, contact Birdaytrip here for the best possible birding suggestions in Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

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